BFW 3.0 First Steps

BrazilFW 3.0 已經出來
:arrow: Intro:
All information posted below, has assistance from Woshman.
Now a days, all 3.0 development came from Woshman, Woshman = Washington Filho with assistance from Peart = Felipe.

Here we goes to keep all informations, news and orientations about 3.0 development.
In a fell days, all of you, will can help on 3.0 development, when the alfa release will be launched.
:arrow: Ready to use:
** WebAdmin safe acess with SSL protocol
** NTP Server
** Bind Server (DNS Server)
** Squid 3.0
** QOS
** Sub-Nets
** New Conntrack Automatic Calculation:
With new calculation, now it's possible 1.652 connections approximately for MB RAM instaled.
** DHCP Server to use in networks and subnetworks
:arrow: Pendencies – Upcoming features:
** Merge IP Adress with MAC Adress as control mesure system.
** Wireless Network configuration
** GSM
** Load Balance
** Port Forwarding
** DansGuardian
** Sarg
** New GUI for WebAdmin
Note: not exactly in this order
:arrow: BrazilFW 3.0 System Requirements
==> BrazilFW 3.0 – Minimum supported system requirements:
Pentium 233 MHZ Processor and 128 of system memory.
Howevet, is highly recommendablem a computer with at least “Pentium III 500 MHZ” and 256 of system memory.
Note: Attention!, if you use a PC with IGP (Graphics Processing Unit) integrated on board, possibly the system memory avaliable to be used for brazilfw, can decrease.
==> Additional requirements: ** NICs
** Hubs or switchs
** Cable
** Access Points, Antennas, other hardware…

*** Please, check if the items above are in good conditions and were properly installed.
*** Avoid using low quality cables, too prevent the reuse cables, because these can be in a bad state.
*** Avoid using low quality nics, (i.e. SIS900).
*** The above advices, help us to have a fast and reliable network.



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